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About Us

Our love story is quite simple. We met playing roller derby and developed our friendship through a random evening of attempting to learn how to crochet. Neither of us learned how. Instead, we spent the night talking about our passion for birth and supporting families and a deep yearning for a more meaningful career path. From there, with immense support from our mentors, we built Transition Birth Collective and have been partners since 2015. Our friendship and business partnership has grown into something special and we absolutely love doing this work together. As a team, we've been privileged to support over 200 transformative births - gaining experience in high risk pregnancy/birth, plus-sized birth, 2SLGBTQIA+ birth, induction, VBAC, cesarean birth, twins, surrogacy, breech, NICU, premature birth, and more. 

Our Philosophy

We believe in providing inclusive, compassionate, non-judgmental, and evidence-based support to help you to have the most empowered birthing experience possible. Creating a safe space for our families to build community and connection is integral to thriving as new parents. We know that birth is a mystery and we want to help prepare you to harness that power, rather than fear it. Every parent (regardless of their ethnicity, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, or socioeconomic status) deserves to fully understand their options and feel completely supported in whatever they choose. There is no right or wrong way to birth your baby. We support you in whatever path unfolds and help you feel safe, supported, and heard regardless of how or where your baby is born. We know birth is a sacred and transformative journey and that transitional support into parenthood is crucial to thriving. A “healthy baby” is important but is not all that matters. The memory, experience, and feelings surrounding your birth sets the stage for your transition into parenthood.

Our "Team Work" Model

Team work makes the dream work! For eight years, until end of 2023, we worked together as a shared-care team; sharing all of our clients and using a rotating on-call schedule. Since then, life’s demands have changed and we have pivoted to offer a different style of support. We have shifted our model of care with Kayla now acting as primary Doula and Erin as relief/back-up Doula. This means that Kayla will be your main point of contact and will be the doula who you communicate with and who will plan to attend your birth.


Birth is unpredictable and can be longer than anticipated. In this situation, Kayla can call on Erin for relief so she can take a break. Erin will have access to your file, any notes I’ve taken, and your birth preferences. If you are taking our Birth Prep Workshop, you will spend quality time with both of us. Each of us has an amazing variety of training and certifications which complement ability to support our clients with a very similar approach and style.

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Primary Doula

Kayla Woodman (she/her)

CD (DONA), Childbirth Educator

Certified Birth Doula. Mother of two wildlings. Supporting families since 2015.


Back-up/Relief Doula

Erin Liber (she/her)

CD (DONA), Childbirth Educator

Certified Birth Doula. Mama to three. Supporting families since 2015.

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