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The incredible resources we have in this community deserved their own page for easy reference.
*Click each listing for more details.

Acupuncture for Fertility, Pregnancy, & Postpartum

Eldyka at Ripple Effect Wellness Centre (St. Albert)

Danielle or Ashley at Renew Wellness (St. Albert)

Jada or Jessica at Pine Integrated Health (Sherwood Park & South Edmonton)

Healing Connections Wellness Centre (downtown)

Mike Ennis Acupuncture (west side)

Nadia Houle at Women's Balanced Health

Bereavement/Infant Loss

Doula Association of Edmonton (Loss/Bereavement Doulas)

Patti Walker at Perinatal Bereavement Program AHS

Bereaved Parent Support Groups

H.E.A.R.T.S Baby Loss Support Program

The Grief & Loss Healing Centre

Still Birth Resources AHS

Parent Care Support Society

Still BirthDay

Postpartum Edmonton: Grief

Hazels Heroes

Books In Our Lending Library 

Click here.

Chiropractic Care for Pregnancy, Postpartum & Newborns

Dr. Wendy Coburn at One Village Chiropractic - Northeast & West Edmonton

Dr. Joanna Galasso at Luna Integrated Health - Sherwood Park

Pine Integrated Health - Sherwood Park & South Edmonton

Dr. Sarah Wu at Momentum Chiropractic - south Edmonton

Jennifer Webster at Capilano Chiropractic - central Edmonton

Classes (Infant Care, Infant Feeding, Infant Safety)

Full Circle Birth Collective - infant care classes

Edmonton Area Family Doulas - infant care classes

Asha Thomas - Yoga & Birthing From Within Integrated Sessions

Little Lungs (infant CPR)

Nest Integrative Wellness (infant CPR)

Impact First Aid & CPR (infant CPR)

Community & Meet-Ups for Parents & Parents-to-be

Mommy Connections in-person parent groups

Unpack n' Play in-person groups

Free Therapy for Moms

Prenatal & Postpartum Meet-Up Groups with Nest Integrative Wellness

Cord Blood Donation

Craniosacral Therapy for Pregnant, Postpartum & Infant

Nadia Houle at Women's Balanced Health

Eldyka at Ripple Effect Wellness Centre

Jordana at Reflect Wellness

YEG Craniosacral Therapy

Healing Connections Wellness Centre

Rhonda at Still Point Wholistic Therapy

Indigenous Birth

Indigenous Birth of Alberta

Contact the Doula Association of Edmonton for Indigenous doulas

Indigenous Prenatal Resources U of A

Northern Birth Work

Lactation Support (see lower on list for tongue/lip tie revisions)

Lauren Calleja at Beautiful Blessings, CLC (Will do home visits).

Melissa, Mychelle, Brittany at Little Nursing Co. (IBCLCs and RNs (Will do home visits).

Megan Schafers at Flow Function Health Care, IBCLC & RN (Will do home visits).

Fiona Lang Sharpe, IBCLC (Will do home visits).

Michelle Green at Nest Integrative Wellness, IBCLC & RN (Has a clinic in central Edmonton).

Pam Davey, IBCLC (Will do home visits).

Willow Family Medicine Breastfeeding Clinic (Covered by AHS but usually has a wait time to get in of 2+ weeks. Clinic on south side. of Edmonton).

Erica Kalke, RN & IBCLC (Clinic is in Sherwood Park. Wait time is usually a 1-2 weeks).

Kylla Serben, Park Lactation, LPN & IBCLC (Will do home visits and will assess tongue & lip ties).

Massage Therapy for Prenatal, Postpartum & Infant

Miranda Mahar (specializing in inclusive support for 2SGBTQIA+ community)

Jodi Falkner at Edmonton Massage & Body Work

Carmen at Reflect Wellness

Healing Connections Wellness Centre

Nest Integrative Wellness

Vanessa Pine Integrated Health

Still Point Wholistic Therapy

Maternal & Fetal Positioning

Spinning Babies

Miles Circuit

Optimal Maternal Positioning

Mental Health (Postpartum & Prenatal Depression/Anxiety/Mood Supports)

Psychologist Claire Wilde: Opal Psychology - west Edmonton

Clinical Counsellor: Jennifer Summerfeldt - virtual

Soulful Psychology: Virginia Bobro - virtual

Clinical Counsellor: Kirsten Harding at Amethyst Therapy

Dr. Melvia Agbeko Odemakpore at Via Wellness

Shillon Ryan at Blake Psychology (prenatal classes also)

Amanda Stillar at Stillar Psychology

Pine Integrated Health - south Edmonton & Sherwood Park

Nest Integrative Wellness - central Edmonton

App: Hope Pregnancy App

Therapists: Therapy For Moms

Virtual Therapists & Support Groups: The Canadian Perinatal Wellness Collective

Postpartum Support Group: Mama Bear Play Club

Classes: Planning for the 4th Trimester

Midwifery Care

Tips and steps to applying for a midwife in Alberta

Naturopathic Doctors

Dr. Lisa Clements at Vital Health Naturopathic Clinic - Sherwood Park

Dr. Cynthia Hnatko - Naturopathic Doctor

Dr. Janice Dacyshyn at Edmonton Clinic of Naturopathic Medicine

Nurse Practitioner

Nest Integrative Wellness

Pine Integrated Health

Placenta Encapsulation

Jada Nedelec Acupuncture

Kate Topola at Beautiful Blessings 

Sonya Duffee at Full Circle Birth Collective
Brenda Giourmetakis at Peaceful Passages Doulas

April Fermaniuk & Bry Myshyniuk at Edmonton & Area Family Doulas

La Soleil Health and Wholeness

Postpartum Doulas

Doula Association of Edmonton for a list of local profiles

Doula Association of Alberta for a list of profiles

Nourish & Nurture - postpartum planning & support Jenna Kolesar (BScN, Postpartum Doula)

Full Circle Birth Collective

Edmonton & Area Family Doulas


Osteopathic Therapy

Jordana at Reflect Wellness

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Nurturance (Pelvic Floor Physio) West Side

Lindsay James at Leading Edge (Pelvic Floor Physio) North Side

EmpowerFit (Pelvic Floor Physio) Sherwood Park

Pine Integrated Health (Pelvic Floor Physio) South Side & Sherwood Park

Cura (Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy) West Side

Nest Integrative Wellness - Central

Free Postpartum Physiotherapy Video Series

Sibling Care Doulas

Beautiful Blessings
Michelle Bressler at Lucid Dreams

Edmonton & Area Family Doulas

Full Circle Birth Collective

Tongue/Lip Tie Revision (Dentists)

Dr. Pele at Scotia Square Dentistry

Dr. Ng at Enjoy Dental
Dr. Varghuese at Children's Dental

Dr. Pavelenkko at Uptown Dental Dental
Dr. Kim Boldt at Summerside Dental

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