Prenatal and Mom & Baby Yoga

Experienced yoga instructor, Vera Resera, runs fantastic prenatal and "Mom & Baby" classes that will help you stay fit, relaxed, and connected with your baby.


Vera is a Certified Yoga Instructor with the Yoga Association of Alberta. She is recognized for her heartfelt, caring and nurturing nature and her ability to teach her students correct yoga postures to ensure maximum benefit and safety. Her experience in prenatal and postnatal yoga in addition to yin and yoga nidra are supported by her strengths and deep understanding of breathing, relaxation and stress management techniques.  

Yoga has been a part of Vera’s life for over 15 years. She is dedicated to her yoga practice and continues to inspire her students to achieve their wellness and long-term health and fitness goals.  

Vera’s students appreciate her energetic and outgoing personality and her love of yoga. Her classes tailor to her students needs and her goal is that students feel refreshed, nourished and balanced after every practice.

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