After the initial consultation your doula team will offer the following (please note we can add to/modify these packages to best suit your needs):

(1) Are you having your second+ baby? Ask us about our "Birthing Again" Package...

Are you already a Birth Warrior? Perhaps you're preparing for your second or third birth and are feeling very confident with your prenatal education level and wisdom that you've gained from your previous birthing experience(s)?

If this sounds like you and you're looking for a less expensive package option that is catered to your needs as an experienced birther, just let us know!

We'll tell you all about our "Birthing Again" package!

"Giving birth should be your greatest achievement, not your greatest fear."



(2) Birth Warrior Package $900

(includes full-day prenatal workshop)

  • Shared Care doula support (learn more here)

  • On-call to provide labour/birth support

  • Birthing From Within Childbirth Preparation Workshop (for more info click here)

  • Optional Zoom Video Prenatal Group Meetings. Guided by Erin and/or Kayla (All expecting clients welcome. Typically offered monthly)

  • Optional Transition Fam Jams - Group meet-ups to stay in touch after baby has arrived! (All parents welcome. Typically offered monthly)

  • Prenatal meeting after workshop to discuss your preferences & vision, along with any other questions you may have

  • Unlimited phone, text, and email support (prenatally & postpartum, for as long into your parenting journey as needed)

  • Continuous physical, emotional, and informational support during labour, birth, and immediate postpartum period (see contract for details)

  • Suggest positions to increase comfort and encourage labour progression (prenatally and during labour)

  • Use of comfort tools during labour (such as peanut ball, birth ball, TENS machine, massage tools, etc)

  • Help you learn about your options to make informed decisions

  • Labour/birth/immediate postpartum photos (if desired, when possible)

  • Postpartum in-home visit (to offer support wherever needed)

  • Labour & Birth notes (a timeline breakdown of your labour/birth)

  • Access to our Lending Library (lots of awesome books you won’t have to buy!)

  • We are more than happy create a payment plan that makes sense for your family.

(3) The Huntress Package $1200

(includes full-day prenatal workshop & 3 hour postpartum workshop)

  • Everything from the Birth Warrior Package plus...

  • Registration to our Parenting & Baby Care Workshop (for more info click here)

  • Custom made Birth Plan - printed and ready for your amazing day! (for more info click here)

  • Labour & Postpartum Comfort Kit - full of essential items to promote comfort and healing (for more info click here)

  • An additional in-home postpartum support visit

  • *We are more than happy create a payment plan that makes sense for your family.

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