Check out our Facebook Live Meet & Greet (previously recorded)

No fuss. No commitment. SERIOUSLY, you don't even have to put pants on...log in from the comfort of your couch and enjoy!

An informative and down-to-earth discussion with two local (Edmonton) doulas.

Have you been thinking about hiring a doula but have more questions? Are you insanely busy and just can't find the time to set-up a consultation? Do you already know all about doulas but just want to find the RIGHT one?

Join Erin and I for this pre-recorded meet & greet. We know you're busy! Does it get any more convenient than a live chat where you can ask all the questions you have while getting to know us at the same time?

What we chat about in the video:

  • What we do

  • Why a doula "collective" is awesome

  • How we can support your empowered birth (no matter how you plan to birth your baby)

  • Some commonly asked questions

  • What the flow of our services looks like

  • Our package options

  • What our birth prep workshop entails

  • Payment plans and insurance coverage

  • How COVID-19 may impact your birth and how we fit in (regardless of hospital visitor policies)


Meet the Doulas!