Birth Photography


Hello! I'm Sally and I am the owner and photographer at Rayne Or Shine Photography. 



I always crave a connection with my clients, no matter the session type; but in birth, it is especially important. Each birth is unique and incredibly special. Watching new life begin; watching a woman become a mother and a man become a father is the single most amazing moment I have ever captured. 


Being a mother myself, I look for the moments that I now miss.  The little wisps of hair, the tiny wrinkly hands, the strength that a woman can have just when she thinks she has no more... and deliver those to you in the most intimate and beautiful photos that I can. 


I tell the story; YOUR story.  Birth is a celebration; and I love every moment that I get to spend documenting it


Sally, from Rayne or Shine Photography is giving our clients a reduced rate of $850 for up to 10 hours of birth photography!

The best part about hiring both a photographer and a doula is we know when to call her, and then we can focus solely on YOU, while our amazingly talented friend takes pictures of all the big moments and little details we might miss.

You will honestly never regret hiring a photographer for what will most certainly be the biggest event in your life.

Just give Sally a call and tell her you're a Transition client.. And the deal is yours.

Contact her here through Facebook!

Or call her at 780-999-0527