COVID-19 & Doula Support

Are doulas allowed into the hospitals during COVID-19?

Currently, as of November 9th, 2021, we (as CERTIFIED Birth Doulas) are allowed at all of the Edmonton area birthing hospitals as a second support person. The Sturgeon hospital is currently requiring special permission ahead of time from the "Site Command Post." The Lucina & St. Albert Birthing Centre. Home birth is "business as usual".

Policies have been changing as the pandemic situation has evolved and we are kept very up to date through the Doula Association of Edmonton as well as some "inside connections". Each hospital has proven to have different policies at any given time.

What happens if I hire a doula at a time when they're allowed into the hospital and then that changes?

We encourage you to hire your doula based on the assumption that we will be allowed to join you at your birth location. The policies have been ever-changing but all of the recent changes have been trending towards allowing families to have a doula present.

If, at the time of your birth, the hospital policy is NOT allowing us in, we will do everything we can to offer support from a distance (see next question). We are also 100% comfortable with offering a partial refund based on the amount of support you received or modifying the contract to give you extra postpartum support. We want you to feel that you've gotten the full value of your package and are more than willing to be flexible on the support we offer and the package fees.

What would support look like IF my doula can't join me in the hospital?

Normally, we would join you in-person once you've approached active labour. If that can't happen, we are still here for you! This will require some excellent communication of your end so that we can give the best support possible. Depending on the circumstances and what's feeling right for you, we will either support you via text, phone call and/or video call.

Our workshop is still being offered in-person. You will still have the prenatal meeting. And, even if we can't join you in labour, we will visit you in-home after baby is born.